About us

Mercato di CesenaFiliera Ortofrutticola Romagnola  S.p.A. , is the Company owned by the Municipality of Cesena which has as its object the management activity in the general interest of the Cesena agro-food and fruit and vegetable wholesale market in accordance with the objectives of the regional planning in the agri-food sector supervising and / or carrying out the activities necessary for this management directly.

Transformed into a Spa in 2018 as well as from the Filiera Ortofrutticola Romagnola Scpa established in June 2006 by the Municipality of Cesena, Gambettola, Longiano and Mercato Saraceno, today it is re-proposed in its Mission of birth with the aim of managing and relaunching the market structure and in order to optimize the functioning and management mechanisms.

F.O.R. Spa it is managed by C.E.O. – Alessandro Giunchi, by the President of the Board of Statutory Auditors – Roberto Gasperini and by the Auditors – Rita Santarelli and Aldo Ferretti and by the statutory auditor Silvia Romboli.

The Filiera Ortofrutticola Romagnola  S.p.A.  obtained, in June 2019, the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the Quality Management System. A result that further qualifies the reference company for the Cesena Fruit and Vegetable Market, download the certificate – open