During recent years the lenghty decline of wholesale markets and dropping out of sellers and buyers have led to a decrease of trading.
In future most of wholesale markets will keep their primary role only if they will be able to manage efficiently mass production and a great number of tansactions.
This market background needs a deep re-thinking and a new setting on organisational, logistical and marketing incentives. The acquisition of a bigger enterpreneurial consciousness among all the operators involved is the key to create a system inside an everchanging industry.

A wholesale market can be no more only a physical crossing of fragmented demand and offer but it must turn into a spot of concentration, services economies of scale and industry data and informations. Filiera Ortofrutticola Romagnola Corp. has been started up inside this precise context and it is realising a turnaround project in order to face nowadays and future challenges. Primary actions consist firstly on the requirement of guarantee adequate standards of high quality, hygienic and healthy goods and secondly on the processes of rationalisation of internal logistics in order to create modern platforms of distribution.