Schedule 2013

From January 1st until May 11th
From September 16th until December 31st
From May 13th until September 14th
OPENING 5:00 14:45 4:30 15:00
BEGINNING OF NEGOTIATIONS 6:30 15:30 6:00 15:45
END OF NEGOTIATION 10:30 17:30 10:30 18:00
CLOSING OF GATES 11:30 18:30 11:30 19:00


Opening and beginning of negotiations start a half hour in advance on Monday morning and all the mornings after holidays;

  • Afternoon closure: Wednesday and Saturday;
  • Complete closure: Sunday.
  • Free entry for consumers from 8.00 am to 10.00 am and from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm




1st of January – Tuesday New Year’s Day COMPLETE CLOSURE
12th of February – Tuesday Mardi Gras AFTERNOON CLOSURE
1st of April – Monday Easter Monday COMPLETE CLOSURE
25th of April – Thursday Anniversary of Italian Liberation COMPLETE CLOSURE
1st of May – Wednesday Labour Day COMPLETE CLOSURE
24th of June – Monday Cesena Patron Saint’s Festival AFTERNOON CLOSURE
15th of August – Thursday Feast of the Assumption COMPLETE CLOSURE
1st of November – Friday All Saints COMPLETE CLOSURE
24th of December – Tuesday Christmas’ Eve AFTERNOON CLOSURE
25th of December – Wednesday Christmas COMPLETE CLOSURE
26th of December – Thursday Boxing Day COMPLETE CLOSURE
31st of December – Tuesday New Year’s Eve AFTERNOON CLOSURE